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In order to help children understand the meaning of “Cool Food Festival”

👉In order to help children understand the meaning of “Cool Food Festival”, institutions in the Shining Star educational system organized their children to participate in making “Bánh Trôi”, one of the Vietnamese traditional cakes.
👩‍🍳👨‍🍳Being instructed by the teachers, for the 0-3 children, this is the first time they have experienced making this by themselves. Although their hands are small, the movements are awkward, they were extremely excited with making this special cake.
👉As for the students in grades 3-6, making “Bánh Trôi” on the occasion of “Cool Food Festival” has gradually become familiar, the children are extremely skillful and agile in shaping the beautiful little cakes.
👉The children has spent their time and efforts to make these though they are likely in different sizes. Through activities like this, they know how to cherish the products they have made. Besides, they can be aware of the traditional values in Vietnamese culture.❤❤❤
👉Below are some pictures of students at campus 1 Tay Ho during the “ Cool Food Festivals”