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Welcome to the Shining Star!

Shining Star Kindergarten applies the Montessori education method applying the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI standards), a well-known world-wide approach on educating children which focuses on learning through the senses and using a wide variety of concrete materials. Children are the center of the learning process, and teachers act as their guides and observers. Here children are loved, understood, and cared for, and are happily experiencing and overcoming challenges in their daily activities to become confident and successful citizens when they grow up.

Only with respect and freedoms can the child develop his or her full potentials while acquiring self-discipline without the need for the kind of discipline that is imposed.  This Montessori philosophy has been Shining Star’s key guideline in educating children.


Bilingual Environment

At Shining Star, children experience daily activities and live in a bilingual environment of English and Vietnamese. The immersion into English will help children acquire English as a second language in the most natural way.


Teaching Staff

Shining Star’s  teaching staff includes native English speakers and Vietnamese teachers who are trained in the Montessori method and child psychology and are devoted to early childhood education. Our native English teachers have TESOL certificates and experience in working with young children, and our Vietnamese teachers have Montessori AMI certificates. Our Board of Directors includes senior members with long term experience and dedication to the education field. Dr Ben Williams, PhD in Psychology, is Shining Star’s Academic Director, who is in charge of professional training for our teachers. Dr Ben Williams had run an AMI Montessori kindergarten in Canada for many years.


With the two core values of Love and Responsibility, our teachers at Shining Star constantly bear in mind their duty to take care of our children with love in every action, to help our children grow up in happiness in their daily life. Each teacher  is mindful to be a good role model and an inspiration for the child.


Facilities And Materials

Each Montessori standardized classroom at Shining Star is from 80m2 to 130m2, with an interior design like a home environment for children. Every classroom is painted in bright colors, slated in wooden tiles, with modern imported equipment such as: air conditioners, air filters, moisturizers, towel and utensil dryers, etc…


In each Shining Star classroom, there are many sections with hundreds of imported Montessori materials. All the materials are made from internationally qualified manufacturers with AMI standard designs, which appeal to the child’s desire to play and learn. All Montessori learning materials are strictly standardized with specific purposes, to ensure children can work on their own effectively with a special self-correction function and acquire knowledge from their hands as well as their brains.


Shining Star Organic Farm

Shining Star builds and runs an organic farm in Soc Son District, about 30km from Hanoi. At the farm, children can take part in farming activities, experiencing with their senses to explore the natural environment. These activities will help develop the child’s potentials as well as desire to discover the world around them, to become more sensitive emotionally, to learn to live harmoniously with friends and nature.


Safe Food And Meals

To emphasize the importance of safe food and good nutrition for young children, Shining Star’s Board of Directors tries our best to supply clean and green food for our students. We provide a good variety of meals which are rich in nutrition and energy with most of the fresh products grown from Shining Star’s own organic farm. Other food materials are procured from high quality producers with verified certificates of origin.


Our Shining Star organic farm applies the clean and green farming method in naturally cultivated conditions with no artificial chemicals used. The farm is operated in organic ways with a balanced ecological environment which follows a natural growth cycle without the interference of any growth chemical substances.