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In order to help children understand about traditional Tet and Tet customs, Shining Star Kindergarten held a “Spring Fair 2020” at Campus 2 No. 25 Vu Ngoc Phan on January 11th 2020 and at Campus 1 No. 19 Tay Ho street on January 12th, 2020.

Participating in the Spring Fair, parents and children have had the opportunity to enjoy the spring music with folk tunes and unique performances from the teachers and their students. The children were being a part of the miniature picture of rural life with community cultural activities that perhaps no other region in our country does not have. The children had a hand-on experience and participated in traditional Tet activities such as visiting booths, participating in sales and purchasing.

This is an activity to help children and parents have memorable moments when Tet is approaching; Besides children at kindergarten ages have lovely experiences about the traditional Tet of the nation.

Not only wishing to organize a meaningful Tet Fair for children, Shining Star Kindergarten also spends the money from the fair to contribute to the Charity Fund for the school to build Tia Mo So school site in Dien Bien province.

Through this meaningful activity, the school also wants to teach children to be responsible to the community, by letting them work on their own to create “value” that helps other students who are in need. Small –age children doing small – job is a profound life lesson that they will build together for a better future.

Two-day experience of “Spring Fair” is a great success. Thank you very much for your support and for contributing to the success of the fair.

We hope that the exciting experiences of the fair will be an opportunity for children to learn about the beauty of Vietnamese traditional Tet culture in different stages to further love the national character and proud of the homeland and the country.