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Shining Star Family Day

“Family and school are the two first environments which help children grow up and develop to create a peaceful society. Understanding this, we as Shining Star members, are also parents, teachers, and managers sharing together to understand and help the children mature in happiness. On March 31st, 2019 Shining Star kindergarten organized a “Family Day” that took place for a full day at Shining Star farm where parents can visit the farm, where food supplies are available for meals at the school, and where the workshop of Montessori AMI method was presented by Dr. Ben Williams, the workshop “How to apply Montessori at home” shared by Ms. Le Bich Thuy and the workshop “The connection between family and school in raising children to grow up in happiness” at the end of the day. Although this program is quite long, we spent a full day sharing and understanding together on the path of raising happy children. We share together this great responsibility to raise children to become self-sufficient and happy members of the home, school and society.