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Practical Life Excercises

Practical Life exercises provide much benefit for young children. These hands-on exercises are intended to help children strengthen and develop independence in their work; take an active part in the classroom community, take care of their environment, take care of themselves, social relationships ( encourage the use of language to share ideas and polite behavior) through practical life activities and situations. For example, when children come to Montessori class, they will have to do a lot of things by themselves, such as serving their meals, washing dishes, cleaning materials after finishing using them, etc., these activities will form a conscious and neat lifestyle and independence in children. Or children will learn how to take care of the trees around the classroom, from which they know how to care and love the people around them.

Therefore, practical life exercises are necessary to be introduced as they are the basis for self-sufficiency and are an essential foundation for both mental and physical development.