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Experiential learning is an educational method that is being applied at Shining Star Kindergarten

Experiential learning is an educational method that is being applied at Shining Star Kindergarten. Each learning activity is aimed to give children practical experience, observation, question and conceptualization.
This December, the school will have the following activities:

1. The life cycle of corn tree
2. Corn tree in Vietnamese cultural life
3. Christmas Festival

Christmas Week is from December 7th, 2020 to December 24, 2020 with the message of experiencing the International Festival integrating with the national culture “Reaching the world with the Vietnamese spirit “. During Christmas Week, teachers and students will work together to do the following experiential activities:

1. Class activities:

– Food: Corn sweet, corn cake, popcorn, corn rice, fried corn, stir-fry baby corn…
– Art: postcards, dolls, decorations, handmade items, performance…
– Science: The life cycle of corn tree.
– Language: Nomenclature Cards, poetry, stories, letter organizing…
– Sensory: Visualization of corn tree types: sticky corn, baby corn…
– Mathematics: Quantity – counting, puzzle…

2. School Activities

Each class will have an area to make their class Christmas decorations together. On December 24, 2020, the children and teachers will together attend the Christmas exhibition with products made from corn, postcards, corn cuisine, and enjoy Christmas festival.

The management board of Shining Star Kindergarten sincerely wishes to accompany and support parents such as sharing with your children about the week of experience, sending a Christmas gift to your child (wrapped gift with your child’s name label, class name label and wishes to the child before December 24, 2020).

Thank you very much!