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In the happy atmosphere of the whole education branch celebrating Teachers’ Day, on Saturday (November 16, 2019) all staff at Shining Star Kindergarten gathered and celebrated together the Vietnamese teachers’ day. This is also the occasion for the school to celebrate the 2-years establishment of Shining Star Kindergarten. With the theme “Happy teachers can change the world “, the ceremony took place in a joyful and warm atmosphere with the spirit of sharing and listening. During the celebration, all leaders and staff reviewed the achievements that Shining Star has achieved in the past two years and together set new goals to strive for and implement next time.

With the core values: “Shining Star – A school where children grow up in happiness” and the spirit of November 20th, 1919: “Happy teachers can change the world”, all staff members determine to strive constantly to achieve the set goals and deserve to be the happy school of the children and all the staff of the school.