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Attending annual general meeting of association Montessori internationale AMI


Last week, the representatives of Shining Star International Kindergarten’s education board presented in the Netherlands to attend the annual meeting of the Association Montessori Internationale AMI. Directly exchanging and working with international leading experts on Montessori Method, the board of directors makes decisions for the sustainable development of the school, creating opportunities for the school to continue its progress in new orientation and development for students.


The school has been and will continue to promote the activeness and creativity of every child through organizing activities that children really play a central role in exploring the world around them. To help the school create the best environment for the children, we would like to share some information about your child’s learning environment at Shining Star for parents to support them at home:


1. A child deserves to be respected, so being polite to them is better than commands.


2. Don’t look down to the children. Try to sit down when communicating with a child so your eyes are on par with theirs when you look and talk to them.


3. Tables, chairs and hangers are made to suit with the height of children so they can work on their own. They will be happy in this environment because they feel confident in what they can do to serve themselves.


4. Always give children the opportunity to do everything they can. Let your child help you do household chores and please don’t do things that your child can do on his or her own.


5. Give children the opportunity to express their own opinions, express their true feelings, if children do not do right, it will be an opportunity for adults to share experiences so that they feel loved and respected. So children growing up will be confident and shared. Mistakes are a part of a child’s growth so don’t explain to them what they should do but punish them for their mistakes, they will always feel guilty and self-deprecating about themselves.


We always believe in the general orientation of the school and always apply this method effectively at Shining Star International Kindergarten to ensure that the children here grow up in happiness.


Thanks to the Association Montessori Internationale: and experts for creating this opportunity so that the school can participate in meaningful workshops like this. We look forward to continuing to receive support from AMI as well as experts so that Shining Star International Kindergarten become an international standard school in Vietnam soon and many Vietnamese children are always happy, always live and learn with this wonderful method.